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Why is it that when people don’t get their way, they have to go and trash their own cities and towns?

Burn cars break in and steal and riot and destroy everything.

Why do people do this?  This only makes you and your families look bad.

Why can’t everyone just except what is done, there is no changing it?

Why can’t people protest in peace then make their point, then just go home and say they did their best, it is what it is?

Why can’t this country just worry about keeping the peace?

Why can’t everyone see that the uprising just gets people hurt?


My Mom and Dad

First of all, there is not enough memory on this phone or not enough paper in the world, not enough words to describe my love for my parents.  

Dad was a coal miner trying to make a living under that dark earth, that at any time could come crashing down on top of him, covering  him up under that black rock. This black rock was always so essential to the lives of southern West Virginia and Kentucky. He would get up at about four in the morning.  Mom would be up way before that fixing my daddy his breakfast to give him the nutrition and energy he would need to get through the day. Mom would also have his bucket packed for his lunch. Mom would take the time to fix his sandwiches and coffee for his thermos with tender loving care.  

Some mornings I would smell the gravy and bacon or sausage and biscuits, and want to get out of bed and to eat. I can’t hardly remember to much about eating the breakfast with daddy, but I know I smelled it and wanted to.

Dad would kiss mom at the door before leaving for work every morning. The love between my mom and dad can never be broken.

  With mom’s gentle hands, after getting daddy off to work she would still have more work to do.  Mom had  kids to get off to school.  I can remember mom getting us up, telling us to hurry up and get ready, the school bus would be there soon.  We sat at the table and ate our breakfast before we were out the door. 

After all the family was out of the house, mom still had her chores to do.  I can see her in my mind, cleaning, washing our clothes, keeping house.

Mom to me is a WONDER WOMAN.  She took care of all of us and I didn’t even think anything about how she did things for herself, or even if she had the time, until now.  I am a mother of two wonderful young men and every time I say or do something for my boys, it brings back memories of the things my mom and dad have done for me, and are still doing.

I am so happy to say that I still have my parents, to correct me when I am wrong, and love me for who I am.

I love my mom and dad with all my heart and soul. Like I said there is not enough words to express how I feel.  So mom and dad, I hope that I have not let you down.  I hope that I have raised my kids the way that you have raised me. With all the tender loving care and some times the hard love that makes the word PARENT respectable.


Just a few words about me.

I am a mother of two wonderful and handsome sons who have made this middle ages lady proud.  I live and breathe for these two young men, but not only these two, I also have a wonderful man in my life that I have been with for seventeen years. He is such a great guy, he makes my whole face light up.  I also am very happy that I have my parents still with me.  I love being around my mom and dad. My mom and I cut up and laugh and giggle over everything. Dad is quiet but I can manage to get a giggle out of him from time to time.

I am trying to be a writer. I have a finished short story called The Myth Of Foggy River.  I have two other novels that I am attempting to write.

I also dabble in sketching. I love to draw. I have drawn a few portraits, but not for money, yet.

I love my life and everyone in it, so I hope everyone has a wonderful day, and hug your loved ones today and tell them that you love them.

Are Ordinary People Getting Noticed

Some people find themselves living day to day, whether it be homemaker’s, or even people that work with the public. These people are out there, some are notice right away, maybe because of their outward beauty or their bubbly personality.  The homemaker’s, are going about their daily routines, wether it be shopping, taking the kids to sports events or practice, or the so soften doctor appointments.  These homemaker’s are very important people , they have a lot of responsibility. For instance, taking care of the children, their spouse, the house, and if they find the time, they tale a leisurely bath with the candles and the bubbles.

The wonderful people that work with the public, now these are people who should really be noticed

These people, well including me because I used to work in retail, and let me tell ya, it’s not as easy as a lot if people tell ya it is. Don’t get me wrong I had a lot of the most patient and understanding customers you could ever ask for. There are also some that you could not please if you have the merchandise to them free and carried out for them. At the end of the day you just have to shake it off and leave it behind and go home and hopefully all will be well when you get there. These people that work with the public, whether it be retail, nursing, doctors, fast food, anyone , will have their good days and bad days, but are they noticed for their good service that they do everyday, five, six or even seven days a week.  I personally think these people need to get a big shout out, and told that you are noticed whether you are trying or not, YOU ARE NOTICED.  THANK YOU